US Coast Guard


US Coast Guard


The United States Coast Guard is seen visiting and training at 25 South Street, SCI's headquarters from 1913-1967, as well as receiving Christmas at Sea packages in 1971. The following USCG officers are included: Ens. William Berssenbrugge; Lt. John B. Holmes; Ltjg. Archibald Alexander; Ens. Thomas B. Taylor; Ltjg. Robert B. English; Ens. Edward Everett Dickinson, III; Ens. Harold H. Gaillard; Lcdr. Frederick A. Just; Lt. Dale D. Harrison; Ens. Hartwig Baruch, Jr.; Ens. Edgar Halberstadt; Ltjg. Roland D. Harrison; Ens. Frederick H. Ellis; Ltjg. Eugene Pfitzpatrick; and Lt. William Radewald, Jr. Rev. Harold H. Kelley is also shown.


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