25 South Street Chapel of Our Savior


25 South Street Chapel of Our Savior


The chapel held regular services, as well as Christmas (and other holiday) services, weddings, and funerals. Included is a group portrait of Rev. Lawrence A. Harkness, Rt. Rev. William T. Manning and Rev. Harold H. Kelley, photos of Rev. Raymond S. Hall and Rt. Rev. William T. Manning, and a group portrait of Revs. Joseph D. Huntley, James Savoy, G. Basil Hollas, William Haynsworth, Richard J. Bauer, Francis D. Daley, Roscoe T. Foust, John M. Mulligan and Charles Boyton. The stained glass windows were provided by funds from the legacy of William H. Vanderbilt in 1888, and the altar's reredos seascape was painted by Gordon Grant.


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25 South Street, New York, NY


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