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British Merchant Navy Club

The British Merchant Navy Club was opened by SCI at 25 South Street on March 26, 1941, with Lord Halifax himself on hand to dedicate the room. The editors of the Lookout described the scene as Lord Halifax posed with a group of seamen for a photo: "When the cameras began to grind the face of the Ambassador lighted up and with a grin, called out to the seamen: 'Are you downhearted?' 'No' they shouted gaily and hoisted their thumbs in the gesture which has become so popular with British people today." Lord Halifax would later address the crowd: " may be quite sure that Hitler will leave nothing that savage ingenuity can devise untried in the attempt to break this life-line. He won't succeed--and the reason that he won't succeed is because the men of the sea who are working for Britain have got something to put into this struggle stronger than anything Hitler can bring against them." See The Lookout 1941 May (